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The design process is a collaborative effort between the client and the web designer. The site is unique to the client and so must reflect their ideals and ideas. The web designer's role is to assist and realize these concepts. This process is an exciting and demanding one.

Step 1 - Planning

  • Work out your business goals. How will you use your site - product promotion, online sales, customer support?
  • Who is your online audience? What information and services do they want? What can you provide on your site?
  • Do a little surfing. What do you like in a web page? What do you hate? What are the competition doing?
  • What 'feel' do you want to reflect your company?
  • Work out what pages the site will hold and how they flow together.
  • What type of navigation do you want?
  • What text and images to you need?

Step 2 - Development

Zeibu Web Design will meet with you to go through all your ideas. We will then draw up a quote. When this is accepted and a deposit of 20% paid, we will then construct a few pages and place them on a separate part of this site to which only you have access. You are then encouraged to get some feedback from colleages. Further meetings with your designer will further develop and refine the site and ensure that your goals are being realized.

Step 3 - Feedback

The full site will then be constructed. Gather feedback from a wider range of friends and associates and feed it back to your designer. When you are satisfied with your site and accounts settled, it will be posted on the web under your own domain name. (www.yourcompany.com.au)

Step 4 - Promotion

As part of the design package, Zeibu Web Design will post your site on the major search engines that do not require a yearly fee. With the use of keywords and descriptions, the code is optimized to maximise its rankings in the search engines. You are also encouraged to promote the site through the print media of your organization. Other avenues such as link exchanges, banner ads and other advertising can be explored.

Step 5 - Maintenance (optional)

For a mimimal hourly rate, Zeibu Web Design can update your site when necessary, changing and developing it as required. We aim to become your partner in expanding your business online.

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